Thinking about
SELLING your home?
Thinking about
BUYING a new home?

VIP Seller Program

VIP Buyers Program

To get the best price & terms for your home, I have the experience and know-how to create pricing strategies so your home will sell for top dollar and in a timely manner.

Our marketing programs will give you the edge you need in selling your home. I don't want to just list your home, I want to sell it!

Extended VIP Service:

- Free Market Analysis

-Free Appraisal

- Negotiable Contracts

-The best marketing possible

-Full support staff

-Personal service

Show you how it is possible to buy a home with :
-Poor Credit.
-Little or No Money Down.
-Alternative Forms of Financing.
-A Fixed Rate Mortgage with The Lowest Interest Rate Possible.
For an Loan calculator and Amortization, please Click Here.

Give you :
-An accurate estimate of funds required to purchase your new home.
-Multiple Listing Service; show you homes in
any neighborhood regardless of which real estate company has it listed.
-The facts on past appreciation rates for these neighborhoods.

- If you would like a list of our Featured Listings, please Click HERE.

Help you :
- Obtain a mechanical inspection of the property, if you desire.
-Walk through the home with you prior to settlement.
- Write and explain purchase documents before you sign anything.
- Attend settlement with you and explain all closing documents.

Do you know your options as a Seller?
  • Keep on paying for an overpriced home - just doesnt make sense
  • Short Sale - Selling your property for less than you owe and being forgiven for the rest of the debt
  • Loan Modification - Settle with your current mortgage company on lowering the interest rate on your current loan or loans.
  • Foreclosure - Not a wise option. Will ruin your credit for as long as 10 years.
Over 80% of homeowners that went into foreclosure never knew their options before losing their homes. There are options today that you could take advantage of. If you are seriously considering your options and would like more informatio, dont hesitate to call me. Platinum Home Realty © Copyright 2005.